About us

Association Objective

The purpose of this association is to reunite in one scientific and profesionalorganization the Obs&Gyn doctors and others physicians who activate in thefield of gynecology. For this reason the association propose itself to unifythe effort of its members for promoting the intersts of womens, of foetus and through this way the general interests of entire romanian society. As it wil be a serious partner for Romanian Authorities, this Association will encouragepractice in the laparoscopic field wil create an modern and coerhent program which will be conected with the leading societies in the world.

(1)Encouragement and support of research, both fundamental and applicative features; To organise scientifical meetings, congresses, conferences, workshops, round tabels, etc.

(2)Exchange programs with others associations, societies, national or International who are involved in similar activities, for finding solutions to the problems occured, including by affiliation to renowed societies as „AAGL„(American Association of Gynecological Laparoscopists) which was founded in 1971 which counts today over 4000 members.

(3)To ensure collaboration with professionists from other connected branches.

(4) To push forward the activities in this field by awarding grants, fellowships, prises and other differnt forms of support.