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Al II-lea Congres Naţional de Chirurgie Minim Invazivă în Ginecologie cu participare internaţională – cu tema “Performanțe și Perspective în Endoscopia Ginecologică”
28-31 Mai 2014

Hotel Timişoara,Timişoara, România

Intra and Retroperitoneal Pelvic Anatomy:
Pearls of Dissection and Avoidance of Complication

 Vadim Morozov, Chair
Nucelio Lemos, Co-Chair

Faculty: Adrian Balica, E. Cristian Campian, Nucelio Lemos, Vadim Morozov,
Maurizio Rosati, Jonathon Solnik, Nicolae Suciu

This course provides a detailed review of the female pelvic anatomy, from normal appearing structures and organs to the different levels of pathologic conditions most commonly encountered in gynecologic surgery. With heavy emphasis on video-laparoscopic education, participants will have an ample opportunity to observe and discuss both “routine” laparoscopic and advanced video-laparoscopym presentations. Overview of the collecting system, with primary emphasis on the ureter and its course in the pelvis, will be discussed and demonstrated through the instructional videos. Pelvic sidewall dissection, with particular accent on avascular retroperitoneal spaces of the pelvis, will be demonstrated including the access to the uterine vessels, pelvic ureter and pelvic nerves. Potential complications of pelvic surgery will be discussed as well, with techniques aimed at avoiding and recognizing them.

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of this course, the participant will be able to:1) Identify normal anatomic structures of the female pelvis, 2) recognize the course of the pelvic ureter, 3) recognize the importance of the avascular spaces, 4) employ different pelvic dissection techniques, 5) integrate the knowledge of pelvic dissection into surgical practice, and 6) predict potential complications of pelvic surgery, and 7) use nerve-sparing concept in pelvic surgery.

Course Outline

Welcome, Introductions and Course Overview

V. Morozov

Pre-Sacral and Pelvic Anatomy: From Basic to Pathology

E.C. Campian

Sidewall Dissection during Laparoscopy

A. Balica

Pelvic Vasculature

N. Suciu

Retoperitoneal and Avascular Spaces: Surgeon’s Friends


Pelvic Functional and Surgical Neuro-anatomy

N. Lemos

Anatomy of the Pelvic Ureter: What Not to Cut?

V. Morozov

Pelvic and para-aortic lymphadenectomy: pearls of dissection

M. Rosati

Neuroanatomy and Neuropreservation: Nerve-Sparing Surgical Concept

N. Lemos

Vascular Complications – Can They Be Avoided?

V. Morozov

Difficult Hysterectomy: Is There a Better Way?

M. Rosati

Dissection during Oncology cases

N. Suciu

Intrapelvic Neuropathies: Diagnosis and Treatment

N. Lemos

Pelvic floor repair: laparoscopic and vaginal dissection

M. Rosati

Questions & Answers

All Faculty

Course Evaluation/Adjourn